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If there's any genre I absolutely LOVE, it would have to be Gundam Wing. Granted, there are a variety of other animes I not only enjoy, that I even agree are better, but GW holds a special place in my does Quatre (^_~). It was the genre I first started writing fanfics in, and it was the very first REAL anime I ever saw and first manga I ever read.

Not only do the G-boys appear in my fics, however, but they often find themselves "visiting" my Authoress' Realm:

Wufei: *looks around* Oh, hell...

Me: Close, but not quite.

Quatre: *cowers behind Trowa*

Trowa: ...


Duo: You'd think by now he's come up with a new catchphrase...


G-boys: *shut up immediately*

Me: ^_^ Don't ya love it when they're well-trained?

This Is The Waltz That Doesn't End...

Part I
Part II

...yes, it goes on and on my friend. And so I had some fun with it and wrote a parody in honor of my 16th birthday; Sweet Sixteen for me! (Full Movie Parody, fun for GW fans of all kinds.)

A Gundam Gang Get-together

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

The G-boys and co. come together for a night of fun...but things spin out of control when the Authoress (me) and her Chibi friends decide to drop in. A parody of all parodies, each chapter mocks a different writing genre, with nearly every kind of fic-writing cliche possible thrown in. This was the very first Fanfic I ever wrote, filled with multiple inside jokes, gags, and sanity having been checked in at the door!

Why you should never let Duo help you write an essay for English Class

*takes a deep breath to recover from the long title, then continues on with summary* The title pretty much explains it. In short, somebody is trying to do their English homework, but not without Duo volunteering his vocal opinion on nearly every line! Try and see if you can figure out who the writer is before the end.

In Her Heart

This is just the essay from the above fic, De-Duo'd. It's pretty short, but makes a good read for all you SAP fans out there. (HY+RP)

E-mail Surveys (Gundam Wing)

Jennie-chan (ME!)

The Gundam Wing gang each take their turns in answering one of those typical E-mail survey questionaires...but what's this? A surprise visit from the G-boys in my Authoress Realm? The Chibis? Oy, vey...I'll bet you've never seen a survey-fic done like *this* before!

Dr. Demento--Duo Style!
"Mulan"--Wuffie Style!
Julie Brown--Quatre Style!
Particle Man--Heero Style!
Deck The Halls--Trowa Style!
A humerous, 5-part song-paradox series. Each chapter features a different Pilot...and a different song!

The Freak Test

After a rough week, my muses feel that venting my frustration on my favorite anime bishies would make me feel better. Know what? They were right! Heero, Duo, Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre all "visit" my Realm once more, where we MST a series of questions included in an on-line quiz called the Freak Test...(all I can say is that they better be thankful I didn't send them the Purity Test!) Pure insanity ahead!

The MSTing of "Angel"

Meet Chibi-Chibi and Chibi-Quatre, my two adorable chibi muses, and join them as they MST a pro-Dorothy fic written by Althea--*Warning*: Major Dorothy Bashing ahead; *not* a fic for Dorothy-fans

Time After Time

Songfic/Vidfic to Cindy Lauper's song, "Time After Time"--Relena sits awake at night, and dreams of what...and who...happened to her over the past two years....Features MAJOR spoilers from the series, Endless Waltz, Blind Target, and Ground Zero. (HY+RP)

There You'll Be

Songfit to Faith Hill's song, "There You'll Be" off the Pearl Harbor soundtrack; When a "unanimous" note of forgiveness finds it's way into Midii's hand, she goes for a long walk in the park to clear her thoughts. Along the way, she thinks back to the moment that changed her life, and the boy she'd never forget....(TB+MU)

Why I Love the Rain

What if Trowa hadn't walked away from Midii that fateful day; what might his past have been like then? A slight AU look at what Trowa's past may have been like if Midii had been a part of it....features spoilers from Endless Waltz. (TB+MU)

Yasashii Ame

Prologue and Part I
Part II and Epilogue

Sequel to "Why I Love the Rain"--The year is A.C. 197, and abductions are being reported throughout the colonies, with the Federation being the only link. When Midii goes missing as well, can Trowa make the connection in time to save her? Features a multiple-surprise ending. (TB+MU, with minor HY+RP)

Country Western Comedy--(The Missing Muses Saga, Part I)

Well, it seems my muses have suddenly turned up missing, so in the meantime a fellow Authoress (Moonfairy2000) joins the G-boys and I in the MSTing of some hillarious Country Western Song Titles. To Be Continued in the DBZ category...


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